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Floating Pointe CD Cover (2013)

This is the cover design for the upcoming second CD of Portland band Floating Pointe. Photos were taken by Jason Mockley. I created the front cover montage in Photoshop, then laid out the whole design using InDesign.

Chilin Solutions Datasheets (2012-2013)

Here are a series of datasheets I have created for LCD/LED Monitor company Chilin Solutions. These are the technical readout sheets for each of their individual monitors. The datasheets were based on old templates that were set up in Illustrator, as they wanted new templates set up in InDesign. I performed the layout to original specifications in InDesign, processed new images of monitors, matched the original typography and layout, updated recovered graphics and made updates as technical changes were made available.

Minimalist Movie Posters (2012)

Attending the Pacific Northwest College of Art for the Certificate in Communication Design, one of my assignments this term was designing a minimalist movie poster. I had so much fun that I made four. Project specs were only that it was to use a circle in some way and only a sans-serif font.

West Linn Residence (2011)

This was one of the cases I had worked on for Pinnell/Busch. A house had been moved to a new property. The contractors that moved the house had built the foundation at a higher elevation than what the original plans had called for. This series of graphics explains the reasons for the changes. I started with a two-dimensional topographic map of readings from the preliminary assessment of the property and created a three-dimensional topographic contour in Sketchup. On this landscape I constructed a model of the house to specifications found on existing plans. The house was set at two different levels: the as-planned elevation and the as-built elevation.

Suburban High School (2010)

These are some rough exports of the Sketchup model I drew from specifications on existing plans. Views of this model were used in graphics pertinent to a case we were working on for Pinnell/Busch for a remodel on a suburban Oregon High School.

Alhambra Photo-stitch (2001)

Here is a series of photos I shot at the Castle Alhambra in Grenada, Spain in October of 2000. I stitched them together some time in 2001 and I am quite pleased with the result.

Sylvias Ghost Posters (1994 -1998)

Here’s an incomplete collection of posters for my old band Sylvias Ghost. As you may know, these posters are plastered all over utility poles, boards, record stores, and the clubs where the bands are playing. I can’t remember how many we made over the years. I always saw the need for name recognition over whether people even came to the show, hence the name on the posters is always large enough to read from a car passing by at 35 MPH. Keep in mind that Photoshop was in its infancy in these days, so all these posters were done at Kinkos in Word, printed, photocopy zoom-to-fit, and cut-and-paste.