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Photo Stitching: Alhambra – 2001

Here is a series of photos I shot at the Castle Alhambra in Grenada, Spain in October of 2000. I stitched them together some time in 2001 and I am quite pleased with the result.

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B-350 – 2001


Years ago I worked in the graphics department of a company named EyeVelocity. We were creating software for the automotive industry that involved studio shots of vehicles and accessories. They were all presented as a way to show dealership customers … Continue reading

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Deal of the week!

I spotted this incredible deal in the loads of unsolicited advertisements that still show up in our regular mailbox. Do my eyes deceive me? If we send them $4, they’ll send us $2.25, and we’re saving money, here! It looks … Continue reading

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Sylvias Ghost Show Posters: 1994-1998

Sylvias Ghost O'connors Poster / Angel

Here’s an incomplete collection of posters for my old band Sylvias Ghost. As you may know, these posters are plastered all over utility poles, boards, record stores, and the clubs where the bands are playing. I can’t remember how many … Continue reading

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Post One (-ish)

Cat being dropped in a strobe light

Sure, there have been other things we’ve posted at this site, but we’re starting over. Welcome to the new Post One. This will now be the launching pad for any of the projects we do. Me (Mike) or she (Laura). … Continue reading

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